She’s Etch

She's ETCH

This summer has been a celebration of success for 18-year-old singer/songwriter “Etch.” In just a year, this talented young woman has transformed into a career-driven and inspiring member of her large community of friends and family after battling through depression and addiction for several years.

Last week, she performed at The Mint music venue in mid-city Los Angeles just a couple months after she had her first show ever at the Viper Room in West Hollywood. In only an 8-week spam of time, she turned 18, had her 1 year birthday in sobriety, opened for Demi Lovato and 5 Seconds of Summer at a private concert in Los Angeles all on top of releasing her second single, “Kryptonite.”

I guess, dreams really do come true? However, the reality of her dream looks far different than the average teenage girl’s.

A year ago, Etch spent her 17th birthday at a wilderness recovery program in Georgia wondering what her life would look like once she got home three months from then. She had absolutely no idea that what she is doing today was going to be her reality.

“None of this was a thought, you know, like, coming from living in the blue ridge mountains to being able to sleep in a bed is all I thought about.”

When she arrived home, we are absolutely proud to say that “Etch” became a part of the Create family and utilized our network of people to not only support her through the difficult transition from the forest to the city, but also from using drugs and alcohol to becoming sober.

“I didn’t think any of it was possible until I started to see the gift of sobriety and how big of an impact it can have. “Am I going to stay sober?” was definitely stuck in my head but there was something keeping me sober from that point on.”

Her deep-seeded passion for music and inspiring others created the foundation for her positive recovery. Her struggle motivated her to work hard at doing what she loves. Because of her raw talent, hard work, and the support of mentors, friends, and family, her life has started flourishing in just one year.

Today, she has the ability to do anything with her life and is no longer bound to the isolating prison that is drugs, alcohol, and depression.

With a free spirit, open heart, and open mind, she isn’t afraid to be herself, even if that self isn’t accepted by social norms. Etch’s excitement about her career and about her everyday encounters is not only inspiring but motivating for other’s to be themselves, fully, too.

Her main goal is to inspire as many boys and girls with her lyrics and voice so that they can know, trust, and believe that no matter what their struggle might be, it’s possible to get through to the other side and have that side be a life so full that it exceeds their imagination.

With a solid fan base for someone who has been in the industry for only several months, she reaches back out to as many people that show their interest in connecting with her. She likes to call these fans “Etcheez.”

“My Etcheez are important to me because without them I have nothing… I want to spread my story and message to these girls and boys because I know what they went through or might be going through. Life is challenging and if I can share my music and story then hopefully I can inspire an “Etchee” to get help and to live a happy and free life. Because, if I did it, so can they. I am living proof.”

Etch is already affecting other people’s lives and has her whole life ahead of her to continue doing so.

We, at Create, are so proud of her accomplishments and each feel touched by who she is and what she’s accomplished. Keep up the good work, Etch! You have come so far and we can’t wait to see what you do next!


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