Money Vs. Kindness and a Yellow Motorcycle

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Recently, the author, adventurer, and hero, Leon Logothetis, came to the Create office for his first book signing and lecture on kindness, following one’s heart, and being seen, of a month long tour. I had the great pleasure of meeting him only minutes after finding out that he was not only all of the things listed above but a mentor at Create, too.  Although, I haven’t read either of his books just yet, simply hearing his story and about his endeavors within and outside of the United States was not only compelling and exciting, but also inspiring. It let every person in attendance know that there is not only hope to change the course of your life for the better but to change the course of other lives as well.

On the outside, Leon had it all: an education, a great job, a girlfriend, money, the ability to sustain his life; but, he was missing something.   He was missing the one thing we all strive for- freedom in being who we are and letting others see us for exactly that, happiness, purpose, and serenity.   So he decided to make a change.

Leon dropped everything. He quit his job, left his money, and decided to circumnavigate the world on a yellow motorcycle. Sounds like a joke, right? But, there was a twist. He would rely solely on the kindness of strangers to move forward on his adventure.

Crazy? Absolutely. Life-changing? Transformative? Healing? Of course. One change in environment, transformed his career, his emotions, and his way of life, forever.

At first I questioned how asking for and receiving kindness constantly would be all that healing.  I mean, every day we look for kindness but we get rejected time over time. Everyday, we receive kindness, but shouldn’t it just be normal for others to be kind to us? Shouldn’t it be normal for everyone to be kind to each other? The answer is yes! But, that’s not how life works, apparently.

Leon did face all kinds of rejection. There were days where his travels couldn’t carry on. There were nights when he had to sleep in the sidecar of his motorcycle in public just to get some shut-eye. However, what made all the rejections and backaches worth it was his ability to give the kindness back. Those who showed true kindness with open hearts and open minds were the ones that affected Leon’s life; so, he decided to give the kindness back and impact theirs’.   Acts of kindness should be bouncing around the world at a constant rate.  I think this is how the world should work.

From taking a homeless man off the streets to funding 100 cataract surgeries to paying for a family’s trip to their son’s wedding overseas, dreams came true for both Leon and the “strangers.”

Random, or not so random, acts of kindness can change lives. If you give selflessly without the thought of receiving anything in return, the amount of pure love you will receive and then, in turn, be able to give can and will be endless.

It’s not calculus. It’s simply kindness.

Leon’s 90 minute share was enough to get me excited about life without even having to read his books. Check out his website at, and maybe, you, too, can hear him speak as he crosses the country sharing his passion and story. If not, I’m positive his writing will do him justice. I can’t wait to read his books and I hope you feel the same way!




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