Surrounding Yourself With People That Inspire You

Surrounding yourself with people that

Surround yourself with people that inspire you-


Everyday, and with every interaction, we make judgments.  As we meet new people, see new people, touch new people and hear new people- we judge.  We think to ourselves, “Will I ever see this person again?  Do I want to be friends with them? Can they offer me something?  Can I offer them something?”  With each of these occasions, there is a story to be made and an experience to be had; yet, sometimes, these people may not be worthy of being a part of our stories and our lives.


It is fundamental to surround ourselves with people who promote inspiration within us and help us strive to grow into the individuals we want to become.  As challenging as it may seem, it is possible to do this in every aspect of our lives… from the workplace to the bedroom.


In the workplace…

It can often seem unrealistic to find like-minded individuals in the workplace, depending on whether one’s career or job is based on passion or on survival.  Nonetheless, looking for similarities and shared interests in coworkers is important.  For me, getting to know what my coworkers do outside of our minimum-wage, food-service job ended up being a blessing- I found two women that were equally passionate about the same, extremely specific thing as I am.  The workplace can provide an opportunity to discover individuals that inspire you, especially if your job(s) or career(s) are in the customer service and client-focused fields.  You never know what kinds of people you could meet, so why not make the effort?


In the study place…

I find it absolutely essential that I surround myself with people who inspire me to work hard and teach me how to learn in a productive manner.  No matter what your studying entails, it’s incredibly important to feel motivated to get work done, whether or not it is something you are interested in.  Surrounding yourself with others who are committed to doing their best and who want the same thing for themselves as you do creates a security blanket for success in the study place.


In the living space…

Sometimes, well most of the time, you just have to make things work with the people you live with- especially when you don’t have a choice in the matter.  You might have random roommates you found off of Craigslist, an assigned dorm-mate at your university, or are living in your family home with your parents, siblings, or partner.  Home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable place to come back to where productivity and relaxation can be realistic.  At times it may be hard- your roommate constantly leaves the place a mess, family is nagging, there are constantly strangers in your house, or all of the above.  That’s why it’s important to remember that you can only control yourself and nobody else.  This is one of the hardest concepts to grasp (especially for me), but it allows me to be empowered to learn and to accept that which I cannot change.  It has helped me substantially with the various living situations I have had.  Try asking yourself, what is it that I can do today to make my living space- my home- a place of inspiration?  How can I be helpful to those I live with and try to identify ways that the people I live with can help me progress in all aspects of life?  I mean, it would be the most convenient resource, right?


In the playroom…

What you consider “the playroom” could be anything to anyone- a physical place, field, or room where people let go and have fun.  There can be a plethora of things one might have or could be doing here.  Finding buddies or people to live and let loose with can be important in finding inspiration and passion in whatever it is that you love doing.  If you aren’t quite sure what your passion or hobby might be, try to explore different things (maybe start a bucket list) and surround yourself with people that could excite or spark interest in you.  As Randy Pausch says, “Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.”


In the bedroom…

Whether it is with your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or one-night stand, the bedroom can (and should in my opinion) be a place that brings you and your partner inspiration and excitement.  It’s important that both people are not only consenting to the activities in the bedroom but also inspired to explore whatever it is you both desire with the comfort, support, and respect of the individual(s) you are with.  Read a book, watch a film, explore your imagination and embrace the individual (or individual’s if that’s your thing), that you’re with… whether it’s a snuggle-session, an evening of laughter, or things a little more naughty.  Have some fun, let loose, and let the good times roll!


In your world…

Everyday, try surrounding yourself with people that inspire you to grow, learn, and love.  While not every single person you meet will influence you positively, for those that don’t- BE the inspiration.  However, it is possible to find the good in (almost) every person.  Try to identify those experiences, or characteristics that can nurture personal growth and fulfillment.  This is your life and your world- so allow people to inspire you as you also work to inspire others!


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